Elena Golescu founded the New York Cosmetic Image Center in Great Neck, NY in 1998 because of her passion for helping others. She has been called “The Hair Whisperer” since she can restore the driest, most damaged or even the thinnest hair to its natural fullness and luster.

“My joy is transforming my clients’ appearance from the outside of the head to the inside, and in so doing helping to restore their self-esteem. When your hair looks great you feel better, no matter what’s going on in your life. And we all have a lot going on these days, individually and collectively!”

The New York Cosmetic Image Center team specializes in:

– Great Lengths® Hair Extensions
– Hair Bonding
– Hair Color and Styling
– Integration for Fine & Thinning Hair
– Hair Replacement
– Chemo / Alopecia


Elena and the entire New York Cosmetic Image Center staff treats all male and female clients as true “celebrities and VIP’s”. The center specializes in reversing hair damage due to harsh chemicals and natural hormonal changes or sickness. The team is equally adept at working with general thinning and localized bald spots for both men and women. Her passion for helping others is evident in her results and in her interactions with clients.

Confidentiality & Private Rooms
We cater to those undergoing cancer treatment and are very sensitive to confidentiality and have private rooms. We specialize in treating both men and women that are experiencing some of the side effects such as hair loss after being diagnosed. Luckily, many cancers are treatable with favorable long term results, while some are even curable.

As you know, the loss of hair has a tremendous psychological impact when one looks in the mirror. Aside from improving your appearance, hair replacement results in a more positive attitude of yourself and your loved ones. Many studies have shown this positive attitude translates into a more favorable prognosis.

Innovative Solutions to Hair Loss
After many years of research, the technology of hair replacement systems has started to keep pace with the medical breakthroughs. This system matches your own look in hair color, density, texture, style and feel. At our facility, you will receive a totally confidential consultation. We have been providing this type of service for over 20 years and, due to the recent technological breakthroughs, we are more excited about the our products and services than ever before.

Additionally, Elena created Ludis Charming Instinct Extensions.  This is a revolutionary process for hair extensions, begins with using only the finest 100% Remy hair, which is structurally similar to European hair, but even stronger and healthier.  Originally, she started Ludis for her private clients, but word spread quickly and requests and offers them world-wide.  After making them available to select salons, she continued to get requests and now offers them to everyone!

Elena Golescu

Elena Golescu

Hair Extension Specialist

Providing High-End European hair color, cutting and styling for every type and style.

Sandra M.

Sandra M.

Hair Stylist

Providing High-End European hair color, cutting and styling for every type and style.



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